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Check Out Brian’s Case Study!

“I Just Bought My Entire Building!”

After working with Brian and The Fit Pro Lab for 1 year, I was able to stop leasing my building and actually bought it! The reason I was able to do this is that our leads now come in droves, convert easily into clients, and stay a lot longer than before – all because we have systems for everything now. This is something I was not able to make happen before The Fit Pro Lab!

Check Out Phil’s Case Study!

“I Went From Totally Floundering To Booked Solid!”

When I started The Fit Pro Lab, I had a FLOUNDERING Adventure Bootcamp. Using all of Brian’s systems, I quickly identified my real passion, opened a mobile “in home” senior fitness business, and I’m now booked solid and interviewing new trainers to help me!”

Check Out Alexis’s Case Study!

“My Camps Are Almost Full!”

When I started with The Fit Pro Lab I was in a pickle. I had an Adventure Boot Camp and was getting CRUSHED by the local FREE 6-Week Challenge band wagon. I had no idea how to compete with my competitors. Brian’s systems were integral in getting me re-established as the go-to camp for women in my area! Now my camps are almost full.

Check Out Aubrey’s Case Study!

“Opened My Second Location!”

After joining The Fit Pro Lab, I was able to generate enough new customers, retention, and referrals to open a second location. I am a long- distance owner and would never have dreamed of opening another location without these powerful automated systems.

Check Out Scott’s Case Study!

“Our Enrollments And Revenue Are Up 50% From Last Year!”

When I pulled the trigger on The Fit Pro Lab I was looking for nuggets that would help me increase maybe 5-10%. I never imagined that less than 6 months later our enrollments would constantly be up 50%. I attribute this to getting out of my own way and using the systems offered in The Fit Pro Lab.

Convert more leads and keep clients longer!

Signing up is fast, fun and easy.

Convert more leads and keep clients longer!

Signing up is fast, fun and easy.

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