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Here's what coaches like you have to say about about onboard me!

"Onboard me is awesome...

There are so many features that are great but being able to create a custom playbook for prospects, clients and staff is priceless.

I love being able make a quick recipe playbook as a lead gen, you can make a playbook for new staff, you can make a playbook for different phases in your program - the list goes on and on...

I even made a playbook for clients when they go on vacation

This is just one feature...
Again, Onboard me is awesome..."

Jeremie Guarderas
Thunder Fitness

"I have my business for 3 years , and in my 2.5 years I have so many different softwares, many different funnels and different coaching groups and workshops, my mind was everywhere as I have to jump from one software to the other or from creating new marketing funnel then connect with a software, then to follow up with a lead and send email and keeping engaged with leads. All those different softwares and coaching programs and and funnels was expensive and I still was not happy with my system in the business, I still had holes, missing following up with lead, or with current member.

Because of everything in one system in onboard me my business grows and I have new assistant who helps me 24/7 its a ONBOARDME!"

Tatyana Poletayeva
Tatyana's Fitness

"OM has helped me tremendously. I love the notifications sent via text that I have a new lead to follow up on. It just keeps getting better. The customer service is amazing, they really listen to your feedback so they can continue to improve OM's features..."

Shawn Stevens
Transformation Time Fitness

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