Attention excited business owner: Please read and agree to the terms of our trial and ongoing use of the platform.

I agree that I am entering into a trial period using the Onboard Me software platform.

If I wish to cancel my software account so that I am not billed the full monthly or annual amount shown on I must do so BEFORE I am rebilled.

I must email and state that I wish to cancel my trial or my account.

I agree that replying to billing emails, onboarding emails or any other communications expressing my desire to cancel DOES NOT constitute a cancellation.

I must email if I wish to cancel. No other method is acceptable and will not stop my subscription.

I understand Onboard Me does not give refunds for any reason whatsoever after a charge has gone through.

I am a responsible human and I will take ownership of my business decisions and my finances and not defer blame to a company that clearly stated their terms in simple English.

I also understand that if my account was started through a third party affiliate offer such as Fit Pro Essentials or Alicia Streger I MUST use the coupon code provided after checkout to create my Onboard Me account to avoid being double billed.

If I am double-billed I recognize this is my fault for not following the instructions on the thank you page. I will be patient while the issue is resolved.

Finally, I understand that if I cancel my ongoing subscription to Onboard Me unless I hibernate my data all data will be deleted after 30 days.

I will have an option to hibernate my data and keep my low monthly rate when I return for a small monthly maintenance fee.

All this makes sense to me and I promise not to be a difficult, combative, or lazy user of this software.

I am actually interested in doing the work to make my business better. I am not kicking tires or wasting time.

If this is cool with you, you are cool with us 🙂

Stop floundering and start onboarding!

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