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Onboard me helps you convert and keep more clients. How? We automate all your relationship marketing and back-end systems so you are no longer chasing leads. They are chasing you!

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Simple relationship marketing that works without tech overwhelm!

Great at what you do right? Do more of it! Let onboard me handle your relationships.

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onboard me instantly makes your marketing work better

See all the ways onboard me can accelerate your business results.

Convert More Leads

We engage your new lead by asking questions that start meaningful conversations while you are doing what you do best - Coaching.

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Onboard Customers

One click. Imagine clicking 1 button to initiate your new client experience no matter how long or how involved it was. You're just one click away.

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More Repeat Business

It's true! Happy clients do three things. They stay longer, they refer more business and the buy more stuff from you. That is all you need to scale.

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2-Way Text Messaging

With automatically triggered 2-way text messages to your prospects and customers you can engage in meaningful interactive conversations that generate more sales and repeat business!

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Automated Customer Journeys

Automation rules allow you to create carefully planned and beautifully executed journeys for your prospects and customers. Oh, and they run all by themselves!

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Interactive Playbooks

Every prospect and customer is special. Nothing compares to an interactive experience for converting and retaining customers. With playbooks you can provide that unique experience your customer can't get anywhere else!

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Client Rewards

Create more repeat buyers of your programs by rewarding customers for doing the things that move your business forward. Onboard me will automatically give your client's money to spend on more of your services!

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Here's what coaches like you are saying about onboard me:

"I have always been impressed with Brian's programs. OnBoard Me has not only allowed me to automate my current registration process, but it has also made it possible for me to easily incorporate a successful lead generating program that has allowed me to grow my business in ways I never thought possible. Brian's support staff is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Brian, himself, is constantly providing new content that allows me to stay ahead of the competition."

Alexis Rougas
Adventure Bootcamp

"I’ve only been a member of FC for 3 weeks now. I like the structured program that helps me move the needle towards success following step by step directions and when I need support, the entire team is there to help me so I can keep moving the needle. I highly recommend this program if you are ready for a complete and comprehensive program to help you scale your business to the next level while you sleep."

Dan Wells
Real Results Fitness & Health

"The support from Flight Club combined with Onboard Me has the capacity to transform any fitness business. I've used Infusionsoft, Salesforce, and Hubspot and am pretty comfortable working with any of them but the lack of guidance and fitness business-specific support makes them all fall short. If you're considering automating your fitness business look no further you won't find better software and better support the FC and OM."

Scott Lofquist
I35 Fitness

One powerful platform

Engage more prospects, get more clients, and scale your coaching business!

2-Way Texting

Have hundreds of automated text message conversations with your prospects and customers!

Client Journeys

Create prospect and client journeys that run on complete autopilot using our automations.


Send bulk targeted text messages and emails to your customers and prospects.

Activity Notifications

Stay completely updated with everything happening in your business with automated notifications.

Interactive Playbooks

Create interactive mini-courses for prospects, clients, and staff that can easily be viewed from any mobile device.

Forms & Templates

Valuable insights and information to and from your prospects, clients, and staff. Save so much time!

Dripped Sequences

Drip out email or SMS sequences that engage your prospects, customers, or staff on dripped schedules.


Give your prospects, and clients reward money they can spend on your programs when they complete key tasks.

Convert more leads and keep clients longer!

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